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Nakakapagod mag-hiatus X_X
I’m back from the depths of the underworld, yass!
So etong ganap sakin ngayon, I am revamping this site to be a collection of my thoughts, hinanakit, and joy in this journey to producing minimal waste. Ume-eco friendly, but not yet there.

More commonly known as the Zero Waste Lifestyle, this came knockin’ at my door in many ways. This blog is now going to be about my journey towards becoming more environment friendly and a virtual binder of all the things that helped me.

First, I’ll get this out of the way… I don’t think anybody can live totally zero waste, hence I opt to call mine Minimal Waste. I know it’s a small thing, but there are plenty of people obsessing about the term zero waste so I’d preferably not scare anybody and just go with Minimal Waste. And it’s more aligned with what I’m trying to do. So I’m going for that.

Well then, let’s go!

One of the reasons that nudged me to be more conscious of being a consumer is the #NoStrawMovement that started (I think) because of a video of a sea turtle that had a straw stuck up its nose. And it made me think of how unaware I am of all the waste that I am producing. Though it started as a strong movement, I somehow just forgot and ended up using straws again because it just automatically came with everything.

The second knock came unconsciously. My sister and I were shopping for a gift for one of my friends that she was interviewing for a school paper, and we came across an adorable tote bag. And the tote life episode from We Bare Bears.

This tote bag from SAC People, we made sure to bring it everywhere. It started as a desire to have a compact tote bag that I can bring out because more and more establishments are packing stuff that I buy in paper bags. So initially, I still received the packaging of all store and establishments and I just jam them in the tote bag, but my sister caught me off guard and told me, “Ipadirecho mo na lang sa tote bag, yun yung point ng tote bag.” So I did. And I started reducing a little bit of waste of the unnecessary packaging that I refused. And I did it unconsciously. I just wasn’t aware that there was a zero waste movement going on.

The final nudge and the main reason I discovered this lifestyle is because I was researching on minimalism. I was struggling to keep my daily bag/purse tidy, so I’ve been watching “What’s In My Minimalist Bag” videos on youtube. And in one of the videos I watched, there was a purse that contained a menstrual cup. And I was blown away, this is 2016 (I found out about it last 2016) and I was just learning about menstrual cups!

This is the video that changed my life, hehe 🙂

My period has always been a nasty subject for me. It always felt icky and dirty and just ugh. It adds up to the general discomfort of having a period. So I drowned myself in learning about menstrual cups, and it flowed to the zero waste lifestyle side of the internet. And my mind was doubly blown away. To smithereens! This time I knew I needed to live it. I needed to make changes and be conscious of my life. I have to reboot my effort from the #NoStrawMovement. Small steps and steady.

As of typing this post, here are some things that I’ve managed to gradually change in my life:

Menstrual Cups

I am using a medium sized MeLuna Classic Cup that I got from Mama Baby Love. She’s one of the few sellers that I found when I was researching on where I can get a menstrual cup here in the Philippines.

Transitioning to this was a long argument with myself. I am a virgin and I’ve never put things up in my lady parts, that’s why this is a little bit scary for me. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve never thought before of researching other alternatives for disposable napkins. Tampons was even more of a horror because in my head it was just a rolled up disposable napkin jammed up in my vagina. Ugh. So I stayed with my toxic relationship with the disposable napkins, and every month I get rashes. And every month I hate my period.

So this is a huge jump for me but one that I know I had to brave through. After half a year of putting it off  I finally purchased one last December 2016 and started using it on January 2017. I am on my 3rd cycle with the cup and I’ve never been happier having my period. And I never though I’d feel this way, but I’m always looking out for my period to come. Oooh, this sounds like a proposal to my menstrual cup 🙂

When 2017 came, I’ve learned more and more about menstrual cups and a friend informed me that there’s a Pinoy-made menstrual cup called The Sinaya Cup. Yay, good job! More alternative and amazing feminine products for us Filipinos!

Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

I’ve been on the lookout for reusable stainless steel straws since last year, but the only affordable one I can find from the UP Green League, Inc. was out of stock. So I had to scour the internet for another source. I checked and they have stainless steel straws in True Value in UP Town Center, but they’re expensive.

Along came an invite from a friend to like this page on Facebook called Go Zero. It came at just the right time! So I got 4 straws with cleaning brushes for my friends and I, and they even had pouches to easily transport the straws. I am excited to always bring it with me whenever I go out and I think I’d be using a straw 🙂


Bamboo Toothbrush + DIY Toothpaste

This was one of the first things that I was easily able to change. I now use baking soda and coconut oil to brush my teeth with a bamboo toothbrush. I didn’t just throw out my toothpaste and my toothbrush. I used it out, and when the time came for me to replace my toothbrush, my brother came home with a free bamboo toothbrush from his stay at Nobu Hotel. I know, I know, avoid free stuff. This is still one of the struggles I have to this day, but I’m getting there 🙂

Reusable Tote Bag

One of the greatest purchases of my life is SAC People’s Onigiri Tote Bag that I got from Livingwell at Podium. We now have this bag (this is a shared bag for 3 people in this house), for almost two years now. Still going strong. It holds a lot of groceries every now and then and it’s a conversation starter! Plus it’s very compact and even has it’s own pouch.Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 3.27.00 AM

Package-Free Soap

This is another struggle to find. I started out with organic soap but they always come in plastic packaging and some even came in double plastic packaging. Good thing I found a package-free oatmeal soap in Healthy Options, though it was a bummer that it still has stickers, it was better than anything I’ve ever tried and it smells amazing. I’m still trying it out in terms of how long the soap will last because it was a little bit expensive than soap that I’ve previously bought in the grocery. Though, I’m thinking that if I won’t be able to find an alternative, I’d go back to the normal soap that is available in the grocery with the cardboard packaging. At least I might be able to recycle the cardboard packaging.


I was a pretty confident little thing before this change, but trying to buy stuff and bringing my own container to stores, is another upgrade. I was ecstatic when I first went to the wet market and brought my own tupperware for them to fill up with meat and fish. And I used an old laundry bag made from katya cloth to line another sturdier bag for rice. It was a happy market day. Another level of happy, because I mostly enjoy palengke days, but this, is one step up.

These are some of the things that I’ve been changing about my life recently. And this is a lifestyle change that I am certain I can do. Let me know your thoughts on this and if you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Have a nice day!


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This is just your normal story of mysteries. I just liked that there’s a different case to solve every episode. And the mystery of the shipwreck where they themselves get trapped into something of a game. It was a little bit interesting.

This series was not that impressionable but also a little but entertaining. In other words, “Keri Lang”.

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I already started with my books around the first week of December I think? But I have no idea how to give away my pre-loved books, which has served its purpose and must now find a new home. My brother was supposed to take them to somewhere, but then things happened, and now I am stuck with a bag full of books I was supposed to get rid off. Meaning, I only just moved my clutter from one space to another (to my brother’s room, hehe). Fortunately, I know a lot of book loving friends, I am not sure if they will be interested in what I have in my stack, so I am opening this book giveaway to everybody who wants to make space in their hearts and in their home for these books. Continue reading “Happy Booklentayms!”